Letters from Father

Pastor’s Corner

Dear parishioners,
It is with joy that, coming back from vacation, I start again
my ministry in St. Elizabeth. I hope and pray that this coming
year will be full of events and graces for all of us. God has
really blessed our last year. Of course, sometimes we need to
face the need of changes in our parish life as it happens in
life in general.
For this start of the new social year, you probably realized
the change regarding the CCD classes; it is never easy to
change, and sometimes there might be serious difficulties.
However, the Lord always help those who are willing to accept
some discomfort for a better and necessary good. The
reasons that brought me to this decision to move the children’s
Catechism from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon
at 3:30 are various and important.
First of all: Sunday, being the Lord’s Day, should be the day
in which we celebrate the mystery of God’s love for us in the
Eucharist, the Mass. This central moment of our life is strictly
connected with the place that is the first one in which we
experience love, the Family: therefore Sunday should become
more a day in which the family stays together and
lives intensely the communion and the love that comes from
The second reason is a need that I have as a pastor in order
to become a good shepherd. Even though I enjoyed seeing
so many people at the BGC on Sunday mornings, I feel the
need of having, on one hand, more time for fellowship at
breakfast between Masses, and on the other hand, the opportunity
of visiting the CCD classes, to relate with children
and teachers. These two fundamental needs were greatly
frustrated by the situation of Sunday mornings, in which a
big number of people were all together in the same place at
the same time.
There is however a third reason: the preparatory character of
the classes of Catechism is better lived when it is done on a
weekday. Catechism is a lesson, a class, and an instruction
on the mysteries of faith, for the person to learn and understand:
the Sunday instead is a day to live in the Joy of God.
The catechism prepare the child to understand and live the
great day of the Lord: therefore, it needs to be outside of
Sunday. Our (the teachers’ and mine) first intention was to
have it on Thursday, but this solution was too difficult. So
finally, we opted for Saturday Afternoon. This last decision
also allows parents and children to go to the Vigil Mass at
5pm on Saturday, which is already the Sunday Mass: in this
way, we tried to meet the needs of those who come from far
away. Finally, as a priest, I cannot live the Masses as a mere
repetition of a rite: since I need to participate totally in them,
I really need my spiritual preparation before each of them.
In conclusion, I hope that this transition, though somehow
uneasy, will be able to produce graces and good fruits for
all. In this hope, I greet you.
In Christ’s love,
Fr. Paolo