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Religious Education 

Director of Religious Education: Maria Venegas

Our Religious Education Program will begin the 10th of September 2022 

Below you will find the Classes and the Teacher's Name.

1st year 1st Communion - Judy Dunbar/ Assistant Eduardo Venegas          Library Room

2nd year 1st Communion -  Rosa Cruz  / Assistant Jill O'Bryan                      Room # 2

4th, 5th, & 6th Grades - Alina Yannerella/ Misael Gutierrez                            Room # 3

1st year Confirmation -  Maria Macias/ Assistant Adelina Cano                     Room # 5

2nd year Confirmation - Maria Venegas/ Assistant Juan Venegas                  Room # 1

RCIA (Spanish)  will be on Saturday's as well at 5pm in the Bishop Grahmann Center in Room # 4

Below we have our Calendar for the Entire CCD Year.

Classes are one hour long. 5pm - 6pm  Following a Children's mass from 6pm -7pm

Please don't be late as this disrupts the other children in the class.

Parents Must sign the pickup sheet when the students are picked up after class.

Children May ONLY have 3 Absences due to an Illness, or Family Emergency otherwise they will not move on to the next year of class or receive the Sacrament of the Current year.

No Food or Drinks are allowed in the class room unless instructed otherwise by the Teacher.

If you have any questions you can contact the director of Religious Education

Maria Venegas at (903)486-1549 or you can contact the office at (903)583-7734

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