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Confirmation 1st & 2nd Year


Jill O’Bryan, 903-708-2057      


Maria Venegas, 903-486-1549


Teacher : 




Teacher : 



                CCD REGISTRATION 2023-2024


Registration is OPEN!!!  And will be closed on August

These documentations should be provided:

  • Child’s Birth Certificate

  • Child’s Baptismal Certificate

  • Child's First Communion Certificate

  • Fill the registration form and turn in to the office

  • If you have already provided them, you do not need to submit them again; but please check with the office that all the paper works is in order.

  • Tuition should be paid on the registration day

  • The child should be in the 7th grade and above to be enrolled in the program


Registration forms can be found:

  • Below in PDF (you can down load and print it to fill it out)

  •  In the bulletin board at the entrance of the Church and in the foyer of the Bishop Grahmann center. 


Our Religious Education Program will begin the 9th of September 2023

Classes are one hour long. 5pm - 6pm  followed by Children's Mass  (6pm -7pm)

Please don't be late as this disrupts the other children in the class.

Parents Must sign the pickup sheet when the students are picked up after class.

No Food or Drinks are allowed in the class room unless instructed otherwise by the Teacher.

If you have any questions you can contact Jill O'Bryan ( Coordinator) , Maria Venegas ( Sub coordinator) or the office.

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